Breaking The Ice

December 7th, 2015

A podcast. Sure, why not? I've been blogging in one form or another since before medical school, so putting my ideas out for others to evaluate isn't something new to me. But putting my voice out there is a bit more unsettling.

What to call it? Well, for better or for worse, I've been called a "renaissance man" for years. It's the result of not being limited to one particular field of interest. I remember my mother, when I was small, describing my grandfather (who died when I was young), as able to talk about anything with anybody. So, somehow, that idea, the value of having a wide body of knowledge, stuck. I'm not bragging, just stating facts. 
So, rather than letting it annoy me, I've decided to put on the mantle, and to incorporate the title into the name of this "station." 
Thanks for listening!
Recorded 12/6/2015
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