Some Thoughts On Education

January 31st, 2016

I'm often asked about my advice on education, so for 22 minutes, I opine about a number of subtopics and issues regarding education. I also talk about my own experience and views on becoming an anesthesiologist.

Regarding primary and secondary school, I refer you to John Taylor Gatto. This article is a good start: The Six-Lesson School Teacher. Because of his views, I'm more than ever wanting to homeschool my kids.
Trades have been artificially de-emphasized in our society. Who is going to tune your piano or plumb your house? A tradesman. And, in some trades, the experts are dying faster than they are being replaced. So don't just push your kids toward College At Any Cost.
Debt is another huge issue. Average college debt has more than tripled since 1993. I talk a little about why.
And, finally, I talk about why you might want to go down the CRNA road rather than the MD route if you want to work in anesthesia.
And yep, I'm having a little fun with the intro and outro. :)
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